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The Haunting (1963)

We have some Theo-ries about the gay

SPOILER ALERT: The Haunting of Hill House book + Netflix series

We're back from our wedding hiatus! And of course, since it's our favourite holiday, today we are releasing this month's #moviesungay episode, even though it really is a Movie Thursgay (there may or may not also be some thirsting over Theo so this works in multiple ways). Join us as we breakdown this movie and the gay character(s) within. Mickie also realizes partway through the episode that maybe the male gaze is what makes her have certain feelings against Nel.

As always, don't forget to read Jess's (koalatygirl) blogpost over at alesbianandherlaptop.com

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

Movie Club Sungay: Imagine Me & You & Not Coop

Welcome to the first episode of Movie Club Sungay #movieclubsungay! For September, you voted to have us talk about Imagine Me & You... and we're so glad we did. We break down the good and the bad of this movie, talk about heteronormativity and queer representation in queer movies. Don't forget to read Jess' piece on Imagine Me & You on her blog https://alesbianandherlaptop.com/2019/09/29/movie-club-sungays-imagine-me-you/ as we open up discussion for YOUR thoughts on the movie.

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

Bend it Like Jess-ham


Continuing with the sports theme, we now move on to Bend It Like Beckham! We talk about the queer under (and over) tones of this film as well as its feminist impact in the early 2000s, and how Jess' love for soccer can also be a metaphor for coming out.

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

An (Inclusive) League of Our Own

A League of Their Own, Inning 2

We discuss inclusion in this movie, in sport, and in our own podcast, with reading submissions from three listeners as well as talking about the reality of women of colour in sport, queer folk in sport, and trans folk in sport.

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

There's No Crying in Baseball

A League of Their Own, Inning 1

After three months of giving all of our love (and voice) to Gentleman Jack, it's time to move along to other media that is important in queer culture, such as A League of Their Own. Join us during the first inning of this series where we talk about the movie, the queer coding of the characters, and for a delightful story of how Mickie was kicked out of a softball tournament a couple of years ago.

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

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The Secret Diaries

Of How Ann Walker Never Was

The final Gentleman Jack episode with talks of the movie The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister and quotes from Female Fortune by Jill Liddington. We end on a really sad note, so get your tissues ready.

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

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Gentleman Jack: Of Teeth & Hair Lockets

Wrapping up season one with talk about pubic hair, as you do

Post Gentleman Jack season one blues! We talk season recap, pubic hair, teeth, and the BBC mini-doc on Anne Lister's life.

Join us for this wild ride of strange topics and to find out what Waterloo Teeth are!

Song: Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba

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